What Then Must We Do?

The atrocities perpetrated by humans against other humans is ongoing. No matter what the good, kind, caring people of the world think or feel or pray (?) it continues unabated, because:
we can’t get involved,
it’s not our job,
it’s happening over there, not here.
I didn’t see it for myself,
I don’t watch the news,
I’m too busy,
It’s too depressing….

But sometimes in history, something happens that is so egregious that we must wake up and pay attention. Irish politician Richard Boyt Barett say it best:

Wake up world. Understand what is happening!






One response to “What Then Must We Do?”

  1. Jeane Z. Champion Avatar
    Jeane Z. Champion

    I agree about not watching the news. I have been i. Tears about Ukraine almost everyday and then I realize this happens all over the world.. and wish we cpuld all do something to end the wars on humanity by the powerful , money and greedy people killing our earth killing humans

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