Growing Up … and Growing Out Of

What about the children who were abandoned by their parents? How were they to resolve the relationship with the people who gave birth to them if they never met them, or if their memories of their parents were so vague that they couldn't picture their faces? What if their parents were known to them, even present in the household at times, but were so consumed with their own survival that children were seen as obstacles in the way or as objects to be manipulated and used for their own selfish purposes? How were these children to grow up mentally and emotionally healthy? What if the parents were abusive?

Owning the Dark Side

And so comes the dark side. I totally and utterly believe that there is something, a force, a God if you will, upon which we can draw to find strength within ourselves: to survive, to accomplish, to do the right thing whatever that might be. There is no devil, no Satan, who plots evil. The evil that we see in the world comes from our own inability as an individual and as a species to relate to that higher power to discover the path to harmony among the diversity that will always exist among us. This is the human struggle....