Midnight Thoughts

I think that you are not alone in your feelings. I am re-blogging this post to http://halleson.net. I also forwarded a link to my grandson who is pretty much in the same situation that you are.


Earlier today while I was at work, listlessly cleaning up the used dishes of my dining room patrons, a thought struck me like a bolt of lightning…I was not happy with where my life is. And yes you could make the argument that I am still young, a spry 19 years young, and I literally have the rest of my life ahead of me but remember….I”M 19! Nothing moves fast enough for me simple because I want to rest of my life to start now. Why? Why!
Why does everything have to happen at high speeds for young people like me? I think it’s because of fear. Fear of an unknown future and ,most importantly, failure are in my opinion the driving force behind the social advancement of my generation. I believe that since we have been in school we have had the fear of failure drilled into us. With…

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