A few weeks ago I got a call from “Linda” at Hewlett-Packard in response to a blog post that I sent to HP Tech Support. She was very sympathetic to my problem and said that HP was willing to repair my non-functioning Spectre laptop after all even though it was out of warranty. I sent it back immediately and got it back almost as fast. It seemed to work … at least it turned on okay.

The computer also told me that I had to update my Windows 10 before I downloaded other stuff. So I went through the machinations of downloading the installer and trying to get Windows 10 upgraded, only to get the message again and again that it was a corrupt file. Okay, so I tried downloading another installer that had a different number, and got the message Error code 0x80070652.

So what’s up with all that, HP???

My time is precious. I’ve got other things to do. My patience is wearing a bit thin ….

You were once a great company.

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