I saw the movie Walking in the Woods last night, and I was dismayed and sorrowful that Robert Redford produced such a dog of a movie. Even the brilliant acting of Nick Nolte and Emma Thompson couldn’t rescue the terrible screenplay based on Bill Bryson’s delightful book. I’ve read Bryson’s book a couple of times and love his other work as well. I couldn’t believe the way women were treated in the film and how much of the real substance in the book was diluted or left out altogether. Shame!

One thought on “My Condolences to Bill Bryson

  1. I posted a message several days ago, stated that Torje Tjøstolvsen Songe-Solberg was my great-grandfather. Actually, he was my great-great-grandfather, and was from the Tvedestrand area south of Olso. My great-grandfather Tjøstolv Torjesen was the first to come over, in 1848, and settled in Mt. Morris, Waushara County. I believe that it was the land agent in Waupaca who gave us the surname “Thompson.” (Damn! I like Torjesen better!)
    Lawrence Eide, from Viroqua, married one of my mother’s sisters; do you know any Eides? My wife is from Richland Center, her mother’s mother being of Norwegian extraction (Peterson) in the Warrens area.


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