I once worked at an advertising firm that used free lance graphic designers. One of them told me that he owed his success to the fact that he could work out his designs anywhere he found himself. Too many of his friends spent so much time finding studio space, sanding the floors and painting the walls white, that they never got around to building the business of finding clients and actually designing something.

That’s what I’ve been doing lately, moving furniture around, organizing my stuff and learning Windows 10 and Scrivener. It’s the equivalent of “painting the walls white” and not doing what I am called to do, in my case to write. But this is changing….

I’m on a roll.  I’ve written the first scene of my new short story that will eventually be used in a novel. I’m writing a blog post after months of just not getting around to it. I completed a workshop on fiction writing to try and get me going again, and it must have worked. I’m enthusiastic!

I have a son who is an excellent writer, but who is too busy with work to pursue it. I have a grandson who is struggling with what his future will look like, but desperately wants to be a writer. Both are readers.

Always reading whenever there is a free moment.
Always reading whenever there is a free moment.

So I have an idea. My son who is in his early 50s, my grandson (my son’s nephew) who is in his early 20s, and I, who will be 80 in a few months, if all agree, will collaborate in sharing our writings in flash fiction. I hold in my hands a book that might get us started: Flash Fiction International, Very Short Stories from Around the World.  It’s an amazing look at how effective so few words can be in conveying an idea or an image. The three of us won’t have to be great because nobody will see our attempts at flash fiction but ourselves. We may improve as we go along, who knows, but it might be a fun thing to do for three people who are closer than most within families even though we live far apart.

My son is already on board with the idea, so now I only have to present it to my grandson whom I feel sure will give it a try as he adores his uncle.  If  we decide to try this, we’ll have to find and agree to a common computer program that all of us can use.  There are so many ways to collaborate these days that I don’t envision this being a problem.  I’m so excited!

Here is my very first attempt at flash fiction.

Senior Poker Players

Around the large round table meant for seven players, sat five.
“I wish I had sat at the other table,” said Sue. “When I sit at the table with Jon, I can never ever win.”
“Yeah,” said Jon, “It’s getting to be a problem. I don’t seem to have any friends anymore”
“Maybe that’s why you’re the only one who has an empty chair on either side of you,” said Ted.

That little incident really happened during a poker game last night. The fictionalized part of the story is the serious tone it conveys. When the little dialogue happened in reality, it was done with humor among friends. Everyone was laughing. Give the incident a different tone and it takes on an entirely different meaning.

I’ll have to see how my newest venture turns out. I hope for the three of us that it will be a winner.



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