BewareLike many, or even most writers, expendable cash is limited, but long ago I invested in a domain name and a hosting site. I have always used, and the folks there have always been helpful in answering my questions.

Creating a website in the early-to-mid-nineties was different than it is now. There weren’t the variety of tools available that we see today. You were much more on your own to get it developed. I began with an HTML program called HoTMetaL Pro and not only programmed my own website, but also the first one for my employer Presbyterian Homes where I worked as the Marketing Manager until retirement. It was a bit of a learning curve, but as I was doing it all on my own time in the evenings, I was able to slowly figure it out.  HoTMetaL Pro eventually disappeared and I turned to Macromedia Dreamweaver as the next big thing.  Having already used a rather simplistic program, by today’s standards, I learned to use Dreamweaver without too much trouble.  Those were the days when tables were used as a basic layout tool.  Now they are discouraged, why? I don’t know, because they are a lot easier to use than the so-called “layers.”

Dreamweaver is now an Adobe product, and when time came to revise my website , I dutifully upgraded to the latest version and got to work.  OMG!!!!  Was I in for a surprise! With CSS6 as its basis, it has gotten so complicated that I could barely handle it. No wonder huge teams of programmers get paid actual money to develop websites! I searched the web for an easier alternative, and found that there are many out there. The problem was that I knew what I wanted, and none of the alternatives gave me the freedom to develop my web message my own way.

So I returned to my paid-for Dreamweaver upgrade, and after a month of eat-breathe and sleeping CSS and HTML, I uploaded my newly revised website.  Please take a look at

The code is a bit messy, the look is sort of homemade-ish, but it’s all mine. No fancy high-paid web designer nerds. No slick templates. As a retired person trying to build a platform as a writer, it’s the best I could do for the moment.

If you, the reader, are a dedicated HTML/CSS6 user, you’ll probably look at the code, and let your mouth drop open in horror.  Sorry about that. I used the W3c validator.  I really did, but when I tried to fix the code violations, it gave me a lot of “This HTML is obsolete, use CSS instead.” Yeah, right! So tell me HOW to do that, you young whippersnapper programmers!!!

Nevertheless, my website is up there for all the world to see.  What’s more important than it looking like a streamlined corporate look-alike, is the message that it conveys.  At least that’s what I’m believing at this moment. This is who I am. This is what I write. This is my take on the world we live in.

Please buy my books and contribute to my helping children and grandchildren get through college and/or paying off their loans.  I’d appreciate it so very much.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Do Your Own Website?

  1. I like it. There are many slick websites that are so large that it takes forever for my old and tired computer to upload. Yours uploads in an instant. Your site is clean and very easy to navigate. It is clear what your message is. That means you have thought about what you want to say. In today’s world, that is a very strange concept.

    In many ways, we are alike. We are both old enough so younger people tend to look at us as over the hill and we are both interested in helping younger people. With my first website, I was making so much of a mess of it a business acquaintance hired his web designer to build it for me and teach me to maintain it. In return, I wrote a number of articles for him. That business acquaintance is now a close friend. Since then I have taken a class in WordPress, so I can understand what my granddaughter is saying when she explains to me what she is doing when upgrading my websites. Meanwhile, I concentrate on writing.

    Currently we are developing an authority website on Grandparenting. That is the royal we. My granddaughter does the work and I take the bows. If you would like to contribute a blog or two with links back to your website, please let me know by sending me a message at


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