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Too Late! Too Late!

I discovered that most of the files had disappeared from her computer. She had no idea what had happened. Continue reading

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When to Listen to Reviewers

Tough stuff, those reviews. We authors had better have a tough skin when reading reviews of our books, yet there may be a better way to react to them than with our emotional selves. Continue reading

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Do Your Own Website?

Creating a website in the early-to-mid-nineties was different than it is now. There weren’t the variety of tools available that we see today. You were much more on your own to get it developed Continue reading

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Desperate Solutions

. . In 1981, I went with a group as an observer to El Salvador to stand witness to the massive atrocities that were happening during the very complex civil war in which the United States was playing a major role.  As … Continue reading

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Using Facebook

I have two Facebook accounts, one which is restricted to family and very close friends, and a second one which is for my pen name R. Z. Halleson.  It’s the Halleson account that I’d like to discuss here. I first … Continue reading

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